Solar Ordinance approved by Maysville 26 July 2022.

Mason County Solar Ordinance approved July 12, 2022

Blelow ar various drafts discussed during the adoption process

Final solar draft that the Maysville Mason County Joint Planning Commission recommended for adoption to the City of Maysville and the Mason County Fiscal Court. (The Mason Fiscal Court adopted this with no changes.}

Annotated copy showing changes needed to remove poison pills

Limestone Solar’s proposed alternative Solar Text Amendment

Other work documents

Kentucky Model Solar Ordinance
2020 Solar Draft Ordinance
2021 V1 Solar Draft Ordinance
Used at Sept 2021 JPC Meeting
2021 V2 Solar Draft Ordinance
Used at Oct 2021 JPC Meeting
2021 V3 Solar Draft Ordinance
Prepared from discussion in
Oct 2021 JPC Meeting
2022 V4 Solar Draft Ordinance
Prepared for a discussion
at March 23 2022, JPC meeting
An annotated version of the JPC Version 4 Draft Solar amendment with Limestone Solars recommended improvements that remove poison pills
2022 V5 Solar Draft Ordinance
Prepared for discussion at the
April 6, 2022, JPC Meeting
2022 V6 Solar Draft Ordinance
Prepared for discussion at the
May 4, 2022, JPC Meeting

note this as amended is what JPC
voted 4 vs 3 to recommend to Mason Fiscal Court and Maysville City COmmission
Limestone Solar’s proposed text amendment that will allow large-scale solar to contribute to Mason County’s ecological and economic future
Henderson County KY
Solar Ordinance
Madison County KY
Solar Ordinance
Simpson Count KY
Solar Ordinance
Illinois Solar Model Ordinance
New York State
Model Solar Ordinance
North Carolina
Solar Template 2020

Kentuky State Statute – Merchant Electric Generating Facility