How Everyone in Mason County benefits from Solar

Local tax districts will typically receive $88.64 of real estate tax from one acre of Solar, compared to the $8.18 per acre average farmland now contributes. This 960% increase can have this result when considered over the 30-year life, if 6,000 acres, less than 4% of Mason County’s farmland, is Solar.

On March 2, 2022 Mason County PVA Troy Craycraft testified that current land taxed as Ag is valued at $300 and that land leased to solar at $650/acre/year would be valued at $9,286. This means that each acre converted from ag to solar increases the taxable value by $8,986.

This added revenue, to our local tax districts, can support improved community services and/or reduced taxes on the rest of Mason County taxpayers.

Solar can differentiate our business recruiting efforts.  As of January 2020, nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have made public renewable energy, greenhouse gas (GhG), or energy efficiency commitments. 63% of the Fortune 100 companies have pledged to consume more electricity from renewable energy generators. To support this pledge, many companies are seeking rural areas with solar and wind production for their new headquarters and service centers. New wind and solar projects could make Mason County an attractive location for these companies, which could, in turn, bring more skilled jobs and tax revenue for our community.

Local vendors and hundreds of construction workers will be needed during solar’s installation phase.  Operation of Solar farms requires more and better paid local workers than if similar acreage is used for cow-calf and cash grain operations.

Save local topsoil and stop ag-chem pollution

Erosion after no-till row crops

Let solar help our county’s ecological and financial future