Stop Solar’s Claim’s

  1. Solar caused Germany to risk power failures
  2. Renewables caused the 2021 Texas ice storm blackout
  3. Solar will hurt local power availability

Reality check on Claims

1. German electrical power shortage not caused by solar

Germany decided to shut down Nuclear Power before they had an alternate power source in place.

This 2019 article warned Germany had not installed an adequate electrical transmission grid to move power from new sources to existing demand.

2. Renewables did NOT cause the 2021 Texas Blackout

All power source categories went offline during the Texas ice storm.

3. Solar will hurt local power availability

In both Germany and Texas the problem is NOT too much solar, rather the problem was turning off legacy plants before renewable energy and ways to transport it are available. This indicates we should speed up installing solar as DP&L’s Stuart and Killen shutdowns show significant coal capacity is already being taken offline.

Complete YouTube recording of Nov 18, 2021, public meeting