Mason County needed $62 million more agricultural sales in 2022 to equal our 1974 sales when we restate historical sales in 2022 values..

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee members

  • Debra Cotterill, Mayor, City of Maysville – government
  • Victor McKay, City of Maysville Board of Commissioners – government, public health
  • Owen McNeill, Judge/Executive, Mason County – government, economic development
  • Chris O’Hearn, Mason County Board of Commissioners – government, education
  • Jodi Ashby, Director, Maysville-Mason County Industrial Development Authority – economic development
  • Kaci Compton, Executive Director, Maysville/Mason County Chamber of Commerce – business representative
  • Lori Ulrich, RECC Fleming/Mason Energy – economic development, community facilities
  • Bradley Day, Owner, Bradley’s Boutique and Haberdashery – small business representative
  • Doug Wadley, Mill Manager, International Paper – large business representative
  • Ronnie Lawrence, Manager, Hinton Mills – agricultural business owner, farmer
  • Rick Lawrence – tourism
  • Blake Jones, District Planning Engineer, KYTC Department of Highways District 9 – transportation
  • Tammy White – river/rail transportation
  • Barb Clarke – historic preservation, culture, arts
  • CJ Hunter, Director, Kentucky Gateway Museum Center – history, culture
  • Mark Kachler, Owner, Kachler Real Estate Services, LLC – land use, housing
  • Lamont Johnson, Tom Browning Boys and Girls Club – housing and community facilities
  • Anita Boyd, FCS Program Senior Assistant, Mason County Extension Office – low-income families
  • Dr. Craig Denham, PrimaryPlus – healthcare
  • Mara Hartman, Mason County High School student
  • Taylor Watts, St. Patrick School student
  • Xandy Stewart, Secretary, Mason County Joint Planning Commission
  • Kirby Rosser, member, Mason County Joint Planning Commission

It is your right (duty) to make each member aware of your perspective. They have agreed to ask the public what themes (goals) the next comprehensive plan should address. One focus group was held in May’s Llick Volunteer Fire Department at noon on Dec 13. The evening meeting was cancelled.  

If you think one theme should be “Grow Rural Investments & Profits”, then I hope you will be one of the four themes (goals) you recommend the comprehensive plan should address. The stop solar folks are working in favor of themes that they hope to use against future large-scale solar projects.

Even if you attended the focus group, it will help if you and everyone you know each fill in ONE survey at

Here are some of the recommendations put forth at the May’s Lick focus group.