Increasing setbacks wastes land

Although no one can purchase land in circles, circles have the least surface area and so will less loss to a setback. (click here for an explanation of this statement)

For 1000 acres of solar production a 500-foot instead of 100-foot setback increased land consumed by 235.0 acres.

At the March 2 JPC meeting, Troy Craycraft stated that solar will pay $85.92 more local tax than an acre accessed as ag land. (see bottom of this page for a copy of Mr. Craycraft’s presentation)

235.0 acres forced to be accessed as ag times the lost revenue of $85.92 per acre, means local tax districts will lose $20,191 of new tax revenue per year for each solar farm with 500 instead of 100 foot setback around their 1,000 acres of production.

Over the 30 year life of this excessive setback requirement on a single solar farm with 1,000 acres of production will deprive local tax districts of $605,730. This lost revenue could support our county’s services or reduce the tax rate for existing taxpayers.

Please speak up and tell your elected officials you want to allow well-regulated solar to help improve Mason Count’s economic and ecological future.

Troy Craycraft presentation at March 2 JPC Meeting