The shape of a solar farm affects the size of the setback

Even if the area of a solar farm and the width of the setback are held constant the shape of the solar farm impacts the area required for the setback.

Shape & Setback Area

Setback shape Solar Farm Setback
Area Dimensions Area
100 Feet Circle 1,000 Acres 3680.7 Foot Radius 55.1 Acres
Square 6,254 Ft X 6,254 Ft 62.1 Acres
Nearly Square Rectangle 8,000 Ft X 5,320 Ft 63.3 Acres
Long Narrow Rectangle 80 Ft X 532,000 Ft 2,501.1 Acres

As you can see setback around a circle requires the least amount of area. The shape of a rectangle can dramatically increase the setback area even when the size of the solar farm and setback distance is held constant.

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