Stop-Solar folks often base their objections on the claim that solar will take all topsoil off the ground. In fact, solar will protect topsoil.

Installing solar stops tillage. Little to no soil needs to be moved to prepare for solar panels. The process is to drive posts into the ground (much like a metal fence posts). Then racking is bolted onto those posts and the panels are attached to that racking. Conductors lead from each panel to the end of that string of panels, at which point they enter underground conduits that lead to an inverter. These inverters convert the DC power from several strings of panels to higher voltage AC electricity. From there, conductors connect the high voltage side of each inverter to the central substation that again increases the voltage so it is suitable for a long distance transmission line.

The latest development “tracking panels”

The point is little no topsoil is moved. Trenching for the conduits is much like trenching to install a water line to supply livestock waters. When Stop-Solar folks go to great lengths to tell of the danger of radon when all of the topsoil is removed, they miss the point. Solar does not remove all the topsoil. In fact, moving soil costs money, but brings no benefit to the solar developer. Stop-solar repeated claims of solar removing all topsoil, seems to simply be fear-mongering as it has no basis in reality.

Stop-Solar speeches at Public Hearing

Complete YouTube recording of Nov 18, 2021, public meeting