During the July 7 2021 Maysville Mason County Joint Planning Commission Meeting JPC commissioner David Reed made two troubling statements.

This recording was captured by an IPhone at the meeting. https://solarformasoncounty.com/docs/audio/MCoJPCMeeting210602.MP3

  • at approx. 1 Hour and 31 minutes into recording
    • David Reed states that Gearge Larger prepared a draft solar regulation and “and we elected not to follow..”
    • Since all JPC actions are supposed to be on the public record, when/how may we see the public record of when the JPC made this decsion?
  • at approx. 1 hour 33 minutes into recording
    • David reed states he favors 3000 foot setback
    • How can he be a fair judge if he is prepared to state his opinion BEFORE hearing any evidence?

Both of these call into question if Mr. Reed is in fact an unbiased Judge or if he is in fact an advocate for the Citizen Voice of Mason County Inc.