Construction sites never look as nice as the finished project

Some anti-solar voices cry out that the INNERGEX Utility-Scale Solar project, near Mt Orab OH is an example of bad solar.

When it is complete and has time for all its sod and landscaping to grow in, it will make long-term contributions as it bends into its community.

Remember, no construction site fully shows the beauty and functionality of a completed project when landscaping has grown in.

Compare this building site to the finished home.

Here is a video of the whole process.

Ant-Solar folks may only show you a few pictures like this of Hillcrest.

Click here for a video so you can see for yourself

Please click on this link to read more about the Hillcrest Utility-Scale Solar Farm, and see an Oct 202 aerial video of it Muck like the home above when completed it will look much better and will be a long term asset to it community.