Maysvile Mason County Joint Planning Commission

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Maysville City Commission and the Mason County Fiscal Court have contracted with CEDIK (Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky) to impliment their project appproach to develop the next Maysville Mason County Comprehensive Plan.

The first step will be for the City and County to appoint their members to the Comprehensive Plan Committee .

Here is the proposed process:

  • To meet the expected 10 to 12 month timeline, we have proposed the following schedule: 
    • September 2022: project launches, meet with Comprehensive Plan Committee, decide on community input process, CEDIK will bring survey template as a starting point 
    • October – December 2022: launch online and paper surveys, access Mason County PVA data, collect secondary data, review Mason County comprehensive plan. 
    • January – April 2023: Community input process (goals, objectives, implementation strategies), compile and analyze all data, create land use maps, implement other identified community engagement activities 
    • May – July 2023: Create draft of comprehensive plan update
    • August 2023: Present initial draft at town hall forum, create final document for Planning Commission Review 
  • Deliverables
    • Final comprehensive plan update
    • All maps as separate shapefiles and .jpegs 
    • All presentations used throughout the process
    • Survey database (Excel file)
    • Sign-in sheets from each community session
    • All pictures used in the plan
  • Proposed Budget
    • Staff time (Davis, Kahl, Nall, Balazs, Sandwick, Bowker): $22,000 (~ 450 total hours, $49/hr) 
    • Travel: $2,000
    • Maps, data, and copies: $500 
    • Supplies: $500 (flip charts, markers, etc)
    • Housing Demand Study (if desired): $10,000 (all of Mason County) 
    • Total Project Costs: $25,000 ($35,000 with housing demand study
    • Costs not included: postage for surveys (if applicable), facility rental and refreshment costs 

CEDIK formal proposal that was accepted

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