How a 500-foot setback impacts one farm family

My name is Wallace Fuller and I live with my wife Lu on our farm on Old Sardis Pike.

We are no longer physically able to farm our farm and must rely on others to farm for us.

The gentlemen who have been working the farm for us have reached the age where they are cutting back on the amount of farm work that they can perform.

We have signed up for Solar in the hopes of being able to maintain our farm and to make the necessary repairs that are required on a farm.

Our farm is 65 acres of which 52 acres are farmable.

Our farm at the widest point is 1,022 ft. And the deepest point is 3474 ft.

If the 500 ft setbacks from property lines as proposed in the JPC ordinance are to be used, we would have a strip of land 22 ft by 2474 ft or 1.25 acres which could be used for Solar.

If 200 ft setbacks are used instead of the 500 ft setbacks, we would have a 622 ft by 3074 ft area or 43.9 acres to use for Solar.

I would encourage you to vote to amend the JPC proposed ordinance to 200 ft setbacks as opposed to the 500 ft setbacks.


I sent the above e-mail individually to the Fiscal Court (except Phil Day, whose email address I do not have) and to all the city commissioners

Wallace Fuller
5160 Old Sardis Pike
Maysville, KY 41056