Which Future?

Zoning and land use planning must take a long-term view and judge likely our community’s results over decades. We certainly must not make short-sighted decisions that benefit only a few…


What is true cost of 1000 setback KY statue 278.704 and setbacks KY statue 278.704 that deals with Merchant electric generating facilities, as written, is short-sighted. If followed, it will…

Solar in Ohio


A Landowners Perspective

A Landowner’s Perspective on Solar

How do you propose we fund services

Some think they will stop change if they can only keep utility-scale solar out of Mason County. However, Mason County’s rural economy already underwent a substantial change when tobacco and…

FUD-Myth #2

Solar opponents attempt to create Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about Utility-Scale Solar. One myth they spread claims solar sites will be abandoned when the solar panels first installed become uneconomical. If Mason County…

Tech Companies Snap up Solar

Tech Companies Snap up Solar


Discussion of Solar Farm Decommissioning What happens to a Utility-Scale Solar farm at end of the initial lease? What conditions will mark the end of the lease? Most leases are…

6,300 Acres Optioned for Solar

Gates’ Ohio farm could be solar energy site

Construction never look as nice

Construction sites never look as nice as the finished project Some anti-solar voices cry out that the INNERGEX Utility-Scale Solar project, near Mt Orab OH is an example of bad…