A solar regulation public meeting is needed NOW

Denial and procrastination are not viable solutions

“Solar regulation” first appeared on the agenda of Maysville Mason County Planning Commission in May of 2019. The late Judge-Executive Joe Pfeffer distributed a draft solar ordinance in Nov 2020. Although the draft ordinance sparked controversy, both Judge Pfeffer’s untimely death and the pandemic delayed public meetings. On March 22, 2021, Judge Owen McNeill and Zoning Administrator George Larger facilitated a Zoom focus group on Solar regulation for the public.

So far in 2021, Mason County citizens’ advocacy efforts have included pro-solar and anti-solar websites, Facebook groups, letters to the editor, newspaper advertisements, mailings, yard signs, petitions, parade floats, Germantown Fair booths, magnetic car signs, door to door canvassing, and billboards. In addition, three different solar development companies have held meetings to answer the public’s questions about their Mason County project’s status. With all these educational opportunities, everyone has had ample opportunities to form an opinion on solar. 

The Planning Commission conducted solar workshops in May, June, July of 2021, but did not allow public comments. Members of the commission visited a solar farm near Mt. Orab, OH, before their July workshop. At that July meeting, the planning commission announced that it could not hold a public meeting until County Attorney John Estill prepared ANOTHER solar draft ordinance. Planning Commission Attorney Clarke also stated that all setback values in the draft would be left BLANK, and the commission can change any part of the draft it chooses to.

While anti-solar comments, made with near-religious fervor, indicate that no one solar zoning ordinance will satisfy both sides, Mason County urgently needs to replace tobacco and dairy income for the landowners, local tax districts, and the community. We also desperately need to protect our topsoil and our ecology.  

Continuing to deny our reality and procrastinate will not prepare Mason County for the future. If we reject Solar, our area must immediately move on to other alternatives or accept an ever-worsening economic and ecological future.

Now is the time for you to demand 

  1. The Planning commission set the date for a Solar regulation public meeting at their Sept 1 2021 meeting
  2. The planning commission recommend a Solar regulation by the end of their Oct 5 2021 regular meeting
  3. The City and County governments immediately adopt a Solar Regulation

Maysville Mason County Planning Commission Members

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