FUD#6-Mr. Ross’s claims in his first two documents

Solar opponents continue to try and create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about Utility-Scale Solar. Our Mason County school superintendent makes these claims in his part1a.pdf and part1b.pdf.

  • George (Larger Planning and Zoning Administrator) continues to be in contact with the solar companies.
    • Mr. Larger is the sole Planning and Zoning Administrator in Maysville and Mason County. He is the first and most obvious person to contact by anyone wanting to understand Maysville-Mason County regulations.
    • It is his job to understand who is interested in our area, and to ensure that they understand our rules of the road.
    • Mr. Larger has a magisterial position. His position is not to make regulations but rather to interpret and enforces them. Much like an umpire in baseball his position is to simply calls balls and strikes.
  • Solar Companies saw the draft ordinance before David Reed (who is on the Maysville Mason County Planning Commission
    • Mr. Larger has been raising the need to regulate solar since the May 1, 2019 meeting of the Maysville-Mason County Planning Commission.

I first saw a draft copy of the Solar Ordinance on January 8, 2021. (I assume not much happened during the initial stages of the pandemic). The email I received indicated that on Nov 19, 2020, Mr. Larger. sent it to Joe Pfeffer (Mason County Judge-Executive), Matt Wallingford (Maysville City Manager), John Estill (Mason County Attorney), Kelly Caudill/Sue Brammer (Maysville City Attorney) with a carbon copy to Owen McNeill (Maysville-Mason County Development Authority Executive Director). On Nov 30,2020 Judge Pfeffer forwarded a copy to Mike Averdick. On Jan 8, 2021 Mr. Averdick forwarded it to Elaine Hall. She forwarded it to the then board of Mason County Citizens Voice. My point is that Mr. Larger has been trying to encourage this discussion for some time. I can not speak to when Mr. Reed received a copy. I do know though that Citizen Voice directors learned about it in January 2021. It seems completely appropriate for Mr. Larger to share the early draft with the leadership and attorneys of his two chartering jurisdictions. I do not know how he can be held liable for how they distributed it. Also, this was simply supposed to be a starting point with all expecting it to be amended based on public comments. Sadly for some reason that public hearing for comments has not yet (as of July 4, 2021) been scheduled. If there is a scandal I suggest it should be why are we waiting so long to allow an on the record forum for public comments.

The draft ordinance attached to email above

Mr. Ross’s document labeled part1A.pdf

Mr. Ross’s document labeled part1B.pdf