Why we favor Solar

Kentucky sunshine grows our crops and feed for our animals, and with solar it can generate electricity too. Our state ranks 47th in the nation for installed solar projects, but we assuredly aren’t 47th for sunny days.

Solar is finally coming to Kentucky and, as farmers, we couldn’t be happier. Solar developers sat down with us to discuss options for leasing our land and we decided to welcome them. We made the decision that’s right for our family, our land, and our community—just as we’ve always done. Renewable energy projects are often the largest taxpayer in counties where they are located, hardly a bad deal for our neighbors either. These funds support schools, fix potholes, buy new equipment for first responders, and other benefits that the community chooses. 

And the costs? Contrary to these false claims, we all have decommissioning agreements written into our leases. We’ve done our own research to protect our land and entered into solar contracts with eyes wide open.

To those who claim to be worried about the livelihood of Kentuckians—why do you want to stop us from making decisions about OUR land that help us sustain the rural lifestyle we love? Farmers have always made a living off Kentucky sunshine and we’ll keep it up with solar.

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