Sounds of nature exceed the noise standard in the Maysville Mason County Joint Planning Commission’s current draft solar text amendment.

Version 4 of the JPC draft in 414.10 section E.1 states
No SES or ancillary structure shall be located so as to create a decibel level
greater than 30 dBa at the property line of the parcel in which an SES is located
and also less than 50 dB(C) at the property lines of the parcel in which an SES is
located. These noise limits shall apply only to normal operation of SES and
supporting equipment, excluding the use of equipment inherent to general human
habitation, such as automobiles.

This means nature will make this impossible to enforce because Spring Peepers are one of the loudest animals in CT! Their song is 90 decibels (about the same as a lawnmower). In comparison, the sound of Cicadas is 120 decibels. Since both of these sounds from nature greatly exceed the proposed limit it is demonstrably impossible to measure the proposed poison pill whose only purpose is to stop solar.