Rhode Island property values near solar

One key point of the below article is Some of the largest impacts were in suburban communities when a solar project was built on a farm or forested property. In those instances, housing prices within a mile of the array dropped by 5%.
“In those non-rural areas there aren’t many large blocks of farmland or forestland,” Lang said. “It’s a scarce resource. When that’s developed into solar, it’s felt by the community. “You’re losing green space and also adding an industrial viewscape.”

The last sentence of my excerpt makes the key point “losing green space” results in reducing neighboring property values. This article does not explore the property value reductions occurring when similar adjoining land is developed for either residential or commercial uses. I submit that the loss of “green space” often reduces adjacent property values. The value of “the currently existing” green space almost certainly suffered a similar value loss when its adjacent property was converted from green space to housing.
This more extensive study supports that premise that while any development may marginally reduce land values. Solar has no statistically significant effect on nearby property values.

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