Lighting Regulation

Approximately forty local landowners, along with other interested citizens who appreciate the potential of well-regulated solar have formed a group we call Limestone Solar.

We have identified 38 changes to improve the JPC’s Sept 2021 draft solar ordinance. These changes are modeled on the KY Model Solar ordinance and the Dec 2020 draft solar ordinance circulated by Judge Pfeffer.

This page discussed only the eighteenth improvement – Regulating Lighting

The Oct 2021 Draft proposed – “414.10 SCREENING AND BUFFERING PLAN

B. Lighting

Lighting of SES shall be limited to the minimum necessary for safe operation, and shall be directed downward, incorporate full cut-off features, and incorporate motion sensors where feasible. Lighting shall be designed to avoid light trespass and prevent glare. Nothing in this Ordinance is intended to preclude installation of lighting required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Because light does not respect property lines, any moves to meaningfully regulate it must be countywide. Applying these rules countywide may well be justified. Until such countywide regulations are adopted, it is simply punitive to apply them to a land-use, such as solar, which has no unique need for artificial lighting.

The solar ordinance will be improved by dropping this lighting section from the solar section and adopting a county-wide lighting regulation when appropriate.