Screening Regulation

Approximately forty local landowners, along with other interested citizens who appreciate the potential of well-regulated solar have formed a group we call Limestone Solar.

We have identified 38 changes to improve the JPC’s Sept 2021 draft solar ordinance. These changes are modeled on the KY Model Solar ordinance and the Dec 2020 draft solar ordinance circulated by Judge Pfeffer.

This page discussed only the eighteenth improvement – Defining Screening requirments

The Oct 2021 Draft proposed – “414.12 SCREENING AND BUFFERING PLAN

A. Content of Screening and Buffering Plan

Prior to filing an application for a permit under this Ordinance, the applicant shall formulate a screening and buffering plan describing Ground-mounted SES shall have or install a visual buffer that will provide an effective visual and lighting screen between participating and non-participating properties. Existing buffers along the edge of an SES footprint shall be preserved and utilized when reasonably practical.

1. Vegetation types/disposition. Detailed maps with renderings of the proposed vegetation used for screening and buffering, including timelines for the maturation of vegetative screening.

2. Modification/replacement of vegetation. Procedure outlined for the replacement of vegetative screening that has become damaged or has died due to natural or man-made causes.”

Yet another onerous requirement designed not to regulate but to keep Mason County from reaping any of Solars benefits If adopted, this will needlessly increase the screening costs and may very well stop solar.

No evidence has been presented to justify such extreme requirements.

This alternative is a much more balanced screening requirement.

Improved version


  • Ground mounted SESs shall be effectively screened from neighboring buildings licensed for permanent occupancy other than that on which the SES is to be constructed.
    • Ground Mounted SESs approved as a conditional use shall have or install a visual buffer of natural vegetation, plantings, earth berms, and/or fencing (per section 408.13 of this code) that provides an effective visual and lighting screen between the SES and neighboring properties. Existing buffers along an SES perimeter shall be preserved when reasonably practicable
    • These screening provisions above can be waived in writing by the adjacent property owner to whom the screening is applicable