Mar 23, 2023 JPC Meeting

Maysville Mason County Joint Planning Commission 23 May 2022 Recording

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Time Stamp Event Speaker
2:42 Setback discussion starts
11:00 Need larger setback to not insult the land owner not participating in solar Walters
12:00 400 ft setback from property line Reed
24:00 We do not know what solar will do in future - big setbacks are good Walters
58:00 Motion to have 500 foot setback from private property line Reed
1:05:00 setback to non participating home 600 over 5 acre 750 less than 5 acre Coe
1:13:58 setback from roads - 100 feet Walters
1:15:00 250 ft from utility easments and rairoad right of ways Coe
1:28:00 Battery concerns Reed
1:43:50 Cabling standards Stewart
1:48:21 Native vegetation vs cover crop Stewart
1:57:25 Complaint procedure Reed
2:05:28 Change Large & Intermediate Scale to Industrial Scale Larger
2:06:00 KY HB-392 Hutchings

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