Behind-the-scenes manipulation of the draft solar text amendment has happened multiple times here are two examples.

George Larger the Planning and Zoning Administrator had prepared a draft solar text amendment for the JPC’s consideration.

As the attached email chain shows the stop-solar folks objected through their back channels. Their efforts kept this first draft from ever reaching the JPC commissioners. When in Sept 2021 JPC commissioners finally received a draft for consideration it was based on the WES ordinance that Citizen Voice had used to stop wind energy systems. This is the first example of the draft being revised with no public visibility.

Another example of behind-the-scenes manipulations is the reduction of maximum allowable height. The Sept 2021 JPC meeting introduced version 1 of the solar draft amendment. It specified a height limit of 20 feet. In version 2 and version 3 of the solar draft amendment, the height limit was still 20 feet. However, the March 2022 JPC meeting used version 4 of solar draft amendment and it had reduced the maximum height to 15 feet. There had been no mention of any reason do drop the maximum height from 20 feet by any of the JPC commissioners during public meetings.

These are only two examples of the many times JPC actions seem to be exactly what the Stop-Solar advocates desire.