Joint Planning Commission special meeting Oct 11, 2022

Meeting’s Audio

Checkout first 20 members of Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Actions taken by the JPC

  • Adopt slate one with these changes
    • Drop these two candidates
      • #12 Darrell Williams – not a Mason County resident
      • #18 Holly Kimble – public education represented by other members
    • Add two candidates
      • Xandy Stewart – City member of Maysville-Mason County JPC
      • Kirby Rosser – County member of Maysville-Mason County JPC
  • Ask governmental officials to recommend a slate to represent these areas
    • River and/or rail transportation
    • Rural communities across Mason County
    • Agricultural businesses
    • ??? other areas the JPC may ask for
  • JPC to hold a special meeting
    • when government officials have prepared additional slate
    • Must finalize members of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee or the process’ timeline will slip
  • Ms. Davis will
    • hold two public meetings to hear suggestions for the focus of the comprehensive plan.
      • Meetings will be on Dec 13, 2022
      • Expect one in the afternoon and the other in the evening
      • Location still to be announced
    • develop an initial “short-format” web-based public survey that allows more public input into the areas the Comprehensive Plan should focus on
  • George Larger stated these topics have a high probability of being the focus of our comprehensive plan
    • Transportation – required by state regulation
    • Landuse – required by state regulation
    • Community facilities – required by state regulation
    • Housing
    • Economic development
    • Ag – rural areas
    • Historic preservation
    • Other focus suggested by public

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