Decommissioning Bond

Local governments should require Solar developers to submit having a plan in place to remove solar panel systems at the end of their lifecycle, which is typically 20-40 years. A decommissioning plan outlines the required steps to remove the system, dispose of or recycle its components, and restore the land to its original state.


If Mason County adopts a solar zoning regulation based on the Kentucky Model Solar Zoning Ordinance then it will have these requirements for issuing the Solar Farm’s conditional use permit.

  1. The anticipated life of project and and defined conditions upon which decommissioning will be initiated;
  2. The estimated decommissioning cost, updated every 5 years.
  3. The manner in which the project will be decommissioned
  4. The parties responsible for decommissioning
  5. A performance bond, letter of credit, or other financial assurance payable to either the City of Maysville or the Mason County Fiscal Court sufficient to cover the net costs identified to assure that decommissioning of the site can be achieved by a third party in the event that a permittee defaults in that obligation

These requirements assure reclamation. Read more